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How I Can Help

Relationship with

Your relationship with yourself, next to your relationship with your higher power, is the most important relationship you will ever have. From it, you form all of your other relationships. If you do not see yourself as wonderfully made and dearly loved, you will not believe others can see you that way.  As your coach, we can explore what your behaviors are showing you really believe. 

Understand yourself and what hinders you from doing what you want to. For example:

  • Help stop____.

  • Help start____.

  • Understand why do I feel ___?

  • Why do I not stand up for myself?

Relationship with
Your Partner

There is nothing more painful than a spouse who willfully betrays you and/or intentionally withholds love. The person you thought was the safest is now the one that looked you in the eye to gaslight you or stole from you in ways, you can never get back. 

And yet couples can heal and have a better relationship than either one ever imagined possible.

In the recovery process one or both partners fail to see a way through all the pain or grow weary in the fight. 

Sometimes therapy alone isn't enough and coaching can really help.

Understanding yourself and your partner helps but we also need to learn relationship skills needed for the phase of our relationship. For Example:

  • How both partners can set boundaries without feeling controlled or controlling.

  • How to get unstuck and move toward the relationship you want.

  • How to cope without destroying your relationship right after discovery/disclosure of betrayal. 

  • How to build/rebuild trust and a sense of safety after betrayal. 

Relationship with Everyone Else

Coaching can help support you with ALL of your relationships, even when the other people aren't coached. Why? Because YOU show up differently in the relationships with them.  Your relationships can improve or at least get less stressful for you with:

  • parents

  • siblings 

  • children

  • ex-spouses

  • boss

  • God/Your higher power

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