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Welcome to Relationships Made Whole

How can I support you in healing your relationship with yourself and others in your life?

We all start out happy and whole. Then life happens. Even in the greatest families with the best intentions. As a result of our experiences in life, especially as kids, we develop ways of thinking, perceiving the world, and responding to those around us. These behaviors were at some point in time, well-serving- to avoid pain and keep us safe. As we get older, these responses can become obstacles though to the life we really want. By exploring what is happening in your life today, you can identify what is no longer serving you and make conscious decisions to choose differently - so the results are different the next time.

Well-meaning family, friends, and even religious leaders and therapists all have opinions about what they think you should do. As a professionally trained coach, I do not have a vested interest choose to leave any relationship or if you stay in relationships- what the 'right" way is for you to accomplish that. Coaching provides a safe place and protected time for you to talk about whatever is on your mind in a way that helps you get clarity about how you feel and what you really want underneath the anger, pain, and numbness.

What people say about working with me...

L. A.
Betrayed Partner

"Cheryl is a unique person. She is intelligent, well-read and speaks from her own life experience. Cheryl has a passion to help partners/couples struggling to find hope in porn/SA. When I didn’t know what was happening in my own upside down world, she did."

Betrayed Partner

“I have had several sessions with Cheryl, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. After the very first session, she had given me more information and knowledge than I feel I have gotten in all my counseling sessions over the years. She allowed me to talk about issues that I was really struggling with and then shared information that helped me understand some of the things that might be going on with my husband. At the same time, she made me feel validated in what I was feeling and how I was reacting. Her knowledge combined with hours of training and studying, are invaluable to anyone suffering from betrayal trauma."

D. P.
Betrayed Partner

"Cheryl has been an anchor in my life in regards to my husband’s sexual addiction.  Because of her own journey she has walked through the painful process herself and is very knowledgeable about the addiction.   First and foremost she’s always there to listen and validate. Her knowledge allows me to sort out what I am walking through."

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